Over the years, I have had many nonfiction articles published or otherwise used in some fashion. Here are a couple of examples.

Down and Out in the Peoples Republic of Takoma Park

I have lived most of my life in this interesting town which never fails to challenge my basic conservative ideology and values. We all need to be around people whose ideas challenge our own.

My Excellent Friend

We had much discussion whether to include this highly personal tribute to my mother but it is far and away the best thing I ever wrote.

V-E Day In Washington

On the 50th anniversary of V-E day I wrote an excellent article about it for Regardie’s that for some reason never got published. I tried to get it published in The Washington Post Outlook section, and they seriously considered it. Back in those days, Gene Weingarten was on the Outlook staff and he expressed keen interest in it. But it did not get published. On that day, as I recall, they chose to publish instead a funny essay by Dave Barry about cave man flatulence. My article was not funny, but I think it was better and would have been more appropriate.

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