Book Reviews

From the Pony Express to ‘going postal,’ the history and lore of delivering the mail
Published July 7, 2016 in The Washington Post

Behind the country-boy duo of Mayberry
Published December 18, 2015 in The Washington Post

If your plane goes down in the frigid Alaska wilderness…
Published October 9, 2015 in The Washington Post

Ups and downs of a hand-held device
Published August 28, 2015 in The Washington Post

What ballplayers and their families endure from season to season
Published July 17, 2015 in The Washington Post

‘THE NAZIS NEXT DOOR: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men’ By Eric Lichtblau
Published April 3, 2015 in The Washington Post

‘THE GREAT BEANIE BABY BUBBLE: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute’ By Zac Bissonnette
Published March 15, 2015 in The Washington Post

‘When the United States Spoke French’ by Francois Furstenberg
Published November 2, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘Secret Lives of the Tsars,’ By Michael Farquhar
Published September 26, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA,’ by Morten Storm
Published September 12, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘Double Agent:’ The German spy who turned on Hitler
Published August 15, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘What So Proudly We Hailed,’ by Marc Leepson
Published June 26, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘Blood Royal: A true detective tale set in Medieval Paris’, by Eric Jager
Published May 16, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘Eliot Ness: The Rise and Fall of an American Hero’ by Douglas Perry
Published April 28, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘American Fun: Four Centuries of Joyous Revolt’ by John Beckman
Published March 28, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘A Serial Killer in Nazi Berlin: The Chilling True Story of the S-Bahn Murderer’ by Scott Andrew Selby
Published February 7, 2014 in The Washington Post

‘Churchill’s Bomb: How the United States Overtook Britain in the First Nuclear Arms Race’ by Graham Farmelo
Published November 22, 2013 in The Washington Post

‘The War Below: The Story of Three Submarines That Battled Japan’ by James Scott
Published July 26, 2013 in The Washington Post

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