dsc_7378I am a writer of books and stories, articles and plays. I grew up in southwestern West Virginia near the Ohio and Kentucky borders. I followed my older brothers through Marshall University and ended up in Washington, D.C. where I worked for about 40 years as a journalist, editor, writer and media manager. I spent 18 of those years at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, three at the Congressional Budget Office and nine at the National Association of Manufacturers.

Now I am free to write whatever suits me and I am running amok. My most recent book is “The General Who Wore Six Stars, The Inside Story of John C. H. Lee. This is a must for World War II buffs and a good read for everyone else. Until recently,  I wrote book reviews for The Washington Post, which you can read here. You will find evidence of my literary proclivities on this web site. I have been known to hire out my writing skills for money. For further info please see the contact page.

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